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Another Monday sneaks up on us and it’s already creeping into the 2nd half of 2014. Crazy how fast the days can go… but for us, this week finds She’s a Beaut at a landmark in the forward progression of our music as we head into Clique Recordings to track the final versions of the 4 songs we have chosen for our latest e.p.

We’ve been working on these songs closely for the past year and a bit, drafting various arrangements and tracking idea after idea and we’re fairly confident in how they’ve developed to this point. 

Excitement is building with this release and the imminent arise of our festival season campaign. Our first festival flag will be raised at Co-Hear festival in Tipperary alongside plenty of others, some of which we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks. 

For those wondering, the four pictures below are clues to the track listing of our latest E.P. Give it a whirl and see if you can guess them.
If anyone gets them all correct we may throw a wee reward your way! ;)

Track #1 - 

Track #2 -

Track #3 -

Track #4 -


Ciao Bella

Bonjourno folks.

Like always, this page has been dormant for way too long, but like the most ferocious of slumbering volcanos we are set to erupt with an overload of ‘oozing’ molten lava… or in our case, gigs and musical releases.

Firstly we’ve gotten some good news that we’ll be heading to the old country for a mini tour. Lobello Records of Lecce, Italy have kindly invited us along for the St.Patricks Day weekend for a string of gigs (see poster below). 
We also have a few Irish dates lined up when we return and we’re particularly looking forward to playing them!

For 2013 we spent a good chunk of it in the studio working on some new tracks, or more appropriately ‘tunes’. 2K ‘13 was a long year of pre-production and working on the same tracks for a prolonged period can become mentally draining. Despite this, the hard work has paid off and the new material we’ll be releasing later this year will surely excite your senses, the arrangements  and musicality have been finely chiseled into place. The next few weeks will see us putting the finishing touches to these recordings and before you know it we’ll have a new E.P on our hands with many a new music videos to boot.

On a further note of mis scheduled promises, we are very proud to announce we will be working on our debut album this year. It’s lookin’ very likely that we’ll have all of the writing finished before summer starts and after a few festivals we’ll be set to get in the studio and shtick it all down. :D

We aim to make a masterpiece so sit tight.

God Speed!


Get em while they’re hot! :)

Pick up your copy of our dvd now. Limited Copies available.

Or give ‘er a listen :)

Check out this video of one of new tunes Take Me Home. It’s taken from our footage at KnockanStockan 2013. :) Fun times! Watch & Enjoy :D

Props to Bold Puppy for this one :)

Tomorrow night at 7p.m we’ll be sticking up a video from our set at Knockanstockan. The rest of our KS set will be available as bonus footage on our Between the Closest Space & Furthest Skies’ dvd. Franny is gearing up with excitement for you all to see it :)

Tomorrow night at 7p.m we’ll be sticking up a video from our set at Knockanstockan. The rest of our KS set will be available as bonus footage on our Between the Closest Space & Furthest Skies’ dvd. Franny is gearing up with excitement for you all to see it :)

A taste of what’s to come…

We’re delighted to announce that we will be releasing our first live video on the 14th of December in Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin. The video will feature a live 25min set,recorded and filmed in Highfield Manor, Prosperous, the same location where Christy Moore recorded his classic 1972 album “Prosperous”.

         The set plays like a short concept album interspersed throughout with sections of animation complimented by short, intimate interviews with the band. Video on the day was produced by the crew at Bold Puppy Productions and really displays the truly gifted talents of Editor - James Murphy & Director - Luke Daly. With three sonic geniuses; Brian O’Malley, David Prendergast and Vinny Casey taking care of the audio end, your ears are in for a treat. The wonderfully eerie ambience was deftly orchestrated by Conor Biddle, making use of an array of vintage lamps .

          If slow in the pipeline, this project was only encumbered by the weight of our collective desire to make it everything we knew it could be. As a band who have often defined ourselves, and have often been defined by our live sound we hope that this concert film can bridge that gap , and bring an organic , visceral and slightly cracked “She’s A Beauty” gig into your living room.

   On the night of the 14th you will be treated to a stripped back set from nationally touted Limerick band Leading Armies leading into the screening of the video followed by a similar set from us. There are only minimal amounts of general sale tickets available so make sure to book early on or on our website at

   There will be DVD’s available on the night for €10 with added bonus material including our live set from the Dimestore stage during that exorbitantly deadly time that was Knockanstockan 2013.

For the moment keep an eye on our facebook page as we’ll be sticking up a little taster of what to expect from the full video :)

She’s A Beauty XoXo

Between The Closest Space & Furthest Skies

Alright, Alright, Alright, ALright…. so it’s been over a year since we started working on this monster of a Live video, and it is with great satisfaction that we finally have a date set to release it. 

We are all extremely proud of the finished product and can’t thank everyone involved enough for all the hard work they put in to it. Bold PuppyClique Recordings & the rest of the crew. :D

Check out the trailer below which gives you all the detes and a little taster of what to expect! :)

More info on our new live video ‘Between The Closest Space & Furthest Skies’ coming soon…… G’WAN THE LILLIES! =D

We’ll be sticking up a video from our set at KnockanStockan ‘13 next week. Keep an eye on the page as we’ll have lots more videos up over the coming weeks :) 

We’ll be sticking up a video from our set at KnockanStockan ‘13 next week. Keep an eye on the page as we’ll have lots more videos up over the coming weeks :) 

Knocksstockan ahoy!

Knocksstockan ahoy!

Come one, come all! :)

Greetings and salutations comrades! It’s been quite a while since the last update of this allegedly “monthly” blog, be kind and spare us the wrath of your ill wishes, we have important news. As some of you may have heard we will be playing Knockanstockan this year at Blessington Lakes, Co.Wicklow .

This three day festival taking place from the 26th to the 28th of July now in its 6th year has garnered huge praise for its idyllic, ultra-rural setting, its ethos of genuinely supporting and promoting Independent Irish music and for the absolute buzz about the place.  Knockanstockan resembles a smaller, more street-level Electric Picnic. Anyone who has attended it since its inception gets all starry eyed when they try and explain to people why they love it so. Many people described it as the top festival of last summer, winning awards like “Best Small Festival 2012” and “Best Line Up 2012” from the Irish Festival Awards. This year promises to continue in the same great tradition with an eclectic choice of music to see from blues tinged hip hop (The Hip Neck Blues Collective), 6 part harmonies (Leading Armies) to Arabian cabaret and psychadelia (Blind Yackety). Granted you won’t get Bon Jovi here, but if you go for a gander you will catch some magical gigs. Even when the official gigs end the music continues all night on the site with nearly everyone present seeming to have some musical ability , mandolins up sleeves, paradiddles beaten on barrels…You’d be full lost in the magic of it!

                      What’s more is that the talented boys over at Bold Puppy productions will be filming our entire set, if any of you are familiar with their work you know of the high caliber we’ve all come to expect from them. Check out

In other news we’re still working away penning new tracks and recording in Clique studios, and the eternally promised video is still at the post production stage, releases soon, honest!

The main thing on our horizon at the moment is Knockanstockan and if you had any bloody sense you’d take us at our word here, it is the most boldly original, wildly entreating and unique festival we’ve ever played , so get on over to and get yourself some tickets. 100 quid for the weekend, bargain!

We hope we’ll see you all there that weekend, we’ll be talking to everyone!image